Friday, February 17, 2012

Reaction to Verdict

I fully agreed with the verdict. I think that both myself and the rest of the defense team proved our case through all of our witnesses and cross examination. The witnesses did an amazing job at portraying their characters, though there was some testimony that I disagreed with. I did not agree with Aunt Sally's testimony that her character was just an exaggeration and the exaggeration was a portrayal of Mark Twain's views. I did not see that as a valid argument because Aunt Sally is not a major character so I did not understand why Mark Twain would put all of his views into her and rest the entire novels purpose on top of a character that was not even in half of the book. I think that the most influential testimony was from Mark Twain. Christina did an amazing job portraying him, and being able to answer questions on the spot that she was unprepared for. Through her testimony as Mark Twain, I think that we, the defense, did a good job at proving he was not a racist through him. I still think that the verdict should have been not guilty. Being the defense I completely agreed with our case, and I think we put reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury people as to whether Mark Twain was a racist or not. The trial was an amazing experience. It was a more fun way to research the book, and learn about Mark Twain. I also think that everyone did an awesome job. The prosecution was amazing, I thought that they were going to win the case. The witnesses did an awesome job taking on their characters and really knowing the characters. Also, the witnesses did a great job in cross examination. Overall, this trial was an awesome experience and one that I would love to experience again.