Monday, December 19, 2011

Transcendentalist Socety- Con/Pro Essay

            A transcendentalist society seems like it would be perfect in this world. With all the hatred and judgment in the world, it seems like a transcendentalist society would help people throughout the world. Though the goal of a transcendentalist society might be impossible in today’s world. People for the most part have free will, so one cannot force another to be accepting and do not judge people. Also, the outside world and media are both very judgmental, and would have a great effect on how people feel about others. In a society where every person is encouraged to have their own idea’s and belief system, important decisions of the community might never be made, because people might not be able to agree. The idea of a transcendentalist society seems perfect and just what the world needs, it would never survive because one cannot force another to think a certain way, the influence of outside media, and problematic decision making.
            A transcendentalist society would be a very free society, unlike many societies and countries of today. A society where one can be themselves without fear of being judged would be amazing in society today. Today’s world is cold, judgmental, and harsh, where as a transcendentalist society would be warm, welcoming, and gentle. People though, could reject this society, because it is so different from everything else in this world. As easily as people could reject it though, people may accept it, because it seems like a perfect place to live. Although the inability of a community like this to make decisions would surly make it impossible to survive.
            Making decisions is a very important part of every society. With every person in a transcendentalist society being encouraged to have unlike ideas, and follow one’s gut there could be problematic decision making processes. If every person got a say in making laws, there would be a possibility of people never coming to an agreement. Also, if every person was thinking for themselves then that would mean, everyone would get a vote in all government issues. Every person in the community voting would take much time, and much money, and be completely ineffective, and hard to make a decision. With this slow process of government there could be chaos in a community, especially when people are encouraged to think for themselves and not conform to societal norms. Without a strong government to help and guide the people, a society cannot survive, and in a true transcendentalist society, there would be no central government. This lack of government would cause a transcendentalist society to fail. Not only would the lack of government cause it to fail, the influence from the outside world and media would have an impact of the society.
            In the modern world today, one is always connected to something, whether that is the internet or television. Unless the society wanted to become like North Korea, it could not be completely cut off from the entire outside world. The media would have an influence, especially with opinion news shows, and op-ed pieces in newspaper. It is almost impossible today to come up with a unique idea with the media telling people what to think, what to look like, and what to wear. This influence would harm a transcendentalist society because these influences go against everything transcendentalists believe. The other societies of the world would also have an influence on the transcendentalist society. Every society has a different view on the world, and every opinion influences the others so it would be hard to a transcendentalist society to be truly transcendentalist. These influences would lead to the failure of the society because the media and outside world would change it from being transcendentalist to just a normal society with judgment and hatred. As well as the unending media influence, people cannot be forced to be accepting of all things.
            Being a transcendentalist means that a person is accepting of all people, all things, and all ideas, and that is very hard for a person to do. One cannot force another to be accepting, the act of forcing someone to do that would be untranscendentalist in itself. People by nature are not accepting, which can be seen in today’s prejudices.  To survive, a transcendentalist society would have to be completely transcendentalist, and that is nearly impossible for the common person. The nature of judgment and first impressions is ingrained in the minds of people of the world. One can learn to become accepting, but it is nearly impossible to be accepting of all ideas and beliefs no matter how hard one tries. Every person is different, and has different beliefs, and that is what transcendentalism is all about, but some people’s beliefs are not accepting, and being accepting is another major part of transcendentalism. The inability to make every person in a society accepting would cause a transcendentalist society to fail.
            A transcendentalist society may seem just like what the world needs, but it would be an impossible goal to obtain. Decision making is a major part in every society, and with every person having different beliefs and ideas, it would be almost impossible to make any decisions. The media also has much influence on what people think and what they belief. The media can be judgmental, which is the opposite of the accepting way of life of transcendentalist, but it has an influence on what people believe. The free will of people also determines whether a person is accepting or not, and most people are not accepting of every belief system. Acceptance is a big part of transcendentalism, and without the people of a society being accepting it would not be truly transcendentalist. While some may think that a transcendentalist society would survive today, inability to make decisions, outside media and world influence, and the free will of people to not be accepting are why a transcendentalist society would never succeed.

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