Monday, November 14, 2011

Modern Day Transcendentalists.

My sister, Allie, is a modern day transcedndentalist. She most of the time does not care what people think of her, and she does not try to fit in. She is 20 years old, and studying early childhood education at college. Even though she is going into a profession that should probably have pretty conservative dress, Allie has 9 piercings, and dies her hair black. Now, she does not look scary, even though that description might make it seem that way, but it is not the image one gets when thinking of a grade 2 teacher. My sister not only does not care what people think of her when it comes to her choice of hair colour and piercings, she pretty much does not care what people think of her at all. She will make funny faces in public, across the room to me sometimes, so others will think she is making the faces at them. Allie will embarrass herself sometimes, and embarrass those around her, but for her she does not see it as embarrassment, she sees it as being herself. She will fall down, then make fun of herself for it.

She just does not care what others think of her.While Allie might fall down sometimes, she is always trying to pick peoples spirits up. Of course she can be mean sometimes, what sister isn't, but she really does have an ability to make others happy. Now usually the things that are funniest usually make her look like a fool, but that does not matter, because she is just being her. One time she found a cape in her closet, a Harry Potter cape to be exact, and she ran around with it for a good half hour. She was more excited about that cape then a 7 year old boy would have been, but that's just Allie being Allie.

Allie is a transcendentalist because she does not care what others think, she will be herself no matter who she is around, and what situation she is in.

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