Monday, November 7, 2011

Simplifying Life

It is not necessary to put oneself in isolation, like Henry David Thoreau did, just to simplify  life. In this modern age it ma seem difficult to simplify, but it is not impossible. By not relying so much on technology and not living in excess, one's life will become much simpler. As time goes on, these steps towards a simpler life will made one a better person. To make a simple life in this modern age, one must take time to oneself and be award of one's surroundings.

Taking time for oneself is one of the most difficult parts of simplifying life. It should be a time to just think, without the distraction of a cell phone, T.V., or computer.One should do something they enjoy during this time. like spending time with family or friends.The simplicity of spending time with family and friends without the distractions will make relationships better. Technology can make relationships much more complicated, because over text, or Facebook chat, one cannot tell if a person is angry, upset, or being sarcastic. By taking technology out of the picture, and taking time for oneself, a person can have a life that is much much simpler.
Being aware of one's surroundings is very important when i comes to living a more simple life. The simple act of riding a bike or taking the bus, will not only help the person, but it will also help the environment. Just driving a car a little ways has a big impact. Also, if one rides a bike, or takes the bus, gas would not be a worry. This way a person can be more green and have a simpler life.
Making life more simple is possible in this modern age. By putting down the technology, and spending time with family and friends, will help take away the complicated relationships and lead to a simpler life. When someone is aware of their surroundings, they will be more green, which will help simplify their lives, because one will not be worrying about mundane things, such as gas. These acts are something anyone can do, and they will make life more simple.

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  1. I love your use of media, but I would have loved to seen some quotes from Thoreau to support his ideas. They could make your argument a bit stronger by recognizing his specific thoughts.

    Keep up the great work in class. Love the picture with your friends.