Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Evernote review

What was a reason you chose not to use Evernote in class?Do you have any other feedback or suggestion on making Evernote better? 
I did not use Evernote. I don't like typing or reading on the iPad, also I did not enjoy how Evernote looks. When I write things with pen and paper I remember them more then when I type it. I don't have anything to read over my notes at home because I don't own an iPad, and I can't read on my iPad very well. I would have liked it if Evernote had connected to Dropbox. Then I could have dropped my notes into Dropbox, and accessed them easier at home. Also, the font size of Evernote bugged me. By making the font size larger I could actually read the notes that I am taking. I didn't like how my notes looked on Evernote because I couldn't figure out how to tab. The keys at the top should be labeled better. Evernote would have been a good note taking tool if I could have read the notes I was taking and figure out how to use it.

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