Wednesday, June 6, 2012

iPad Review

What were the benefits to having a class set of iPads?
There are many benefits of having the iPad in the classroom. I think that the biggest benefit was being able to look things up during class discussions. During on of our discussions on Catcher in the Rye and there was a scene in which Holden mentions having surgery on his clavichord. We were all curious as to whether you could actually have surgery on your clavichord, so one of us just googled it really fast and we found out that a clavichord is a midevil stringed instrument. Being able to google things during class discussions adds to the discussions we have, and makes them so much better. During projects it was really helpful to be able to have a little computer right in front of us. In one of my projects I actually used an app, and without the iPad mine and my partners project would not have been as well done. The iPads enhanced many things and ment that we could do things that we would not have been able to do without an iPad.

What were the limitations or drawbacks of having the iPads?
One of the draw backs of having the iPad for me was that I have trouble typing one it. The typing would frustrat me, and it was hard for me to take notes on. Another thing was that the iPads were only a class set. If I was working on a project during class it was hard to continue working on it at home. It only being a class set ment that projects took longer, and sometimes projects took too long. One of the other draw backs was that sometimes I would get distracted on it. There are so many apps, especically drawing apps that are very tempting to play on when the discussion gets a little boring, or I just dont like what we are talking about. The iPads really benefited our class more though, and the good out weighed the bad.

Do you think that the school district should have more iPad carts for students to use or move to a 1:1 enviornment where all high school students would have access to an iPad they could take home and use during the school year?
I think that getting class sets of iPads would be best. Even though projects would take longer then if we all had iPad, I don't think that giving every student an iPad is a good idea. I don't trust all the students in the school to have an iPad. The risks of every student having an iPad out weigh the benefits. The class sets would let all students experience the iPads, but the iPads would still be safe and sound staying in the school. Giving students the iPads would benefit in every class. Text books could be put on the iPad, decreasing the amount that students have to carry back and forth from school to home. Class iPads would make class projects easier in in many subjects, especially English, by the students being able to research in class and the classes not having to travel to the lab or the library.

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