Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Descriptive Post

This image is of a group of zebras, two of which are looking at the camera. One of the zebras' has a very calm stare, with his snout closed. The other zebra however, has a piece of grass hanging out of his mouth, with his snout wide open, showing his teeth fully. It looks as if he is laughing or yelling at something.  There are three zebras in the back of the two main ones. There is one small one, of which you can see part of its head. It looks like it is looking at the zebra making the funny face, this zebra is behind the calm one. The other zebra is behind the one making the funny face. Only the top part of its head is visible, this one again looks like he is looking at the zebra making a funny face. Finally, the last zebra, only his rear end is visible. From the size of his rear end, he seems to be a rather large zebra. The background of this picture is very blurry. The blue of the sky morphs with the green of the background. The blue has much contrast with the black and white of the zebras. There is very little green and blue visible though, the zebras are the main focus in this image.

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