Sunday, September 11, 2011


While in Honours American Lit at Grosse Pointe South High School, students are expected to have respect, jood work habits and to be organized.
Respect is a key element in Honours American Lit. There has to be respect for the teacher, the other students. and oneself. Giving respect means gaining respect, which leads to a happy and healthy work enviornment. Respect can come in many different forms. It can be not speaking when others are or raising a hand to speak. Respect is also about being kind to those around. The respect one has for oneself will show up in the quality of work that is turned in. Respect will lead to better work habits.
Good work habits are also expected in Honours American Lit. One must be able to complete the work and for it to be quality work. It is an honours class for a reason. There are higher expectations and a higher work load. Having good work ethic is sometimes hard. Once must put time and effort into having good work. Creating good work ethic is sometimes difficult but it is possible. One of the other main things to having good work habits is organization.
Organization is another key element of success in Honours American Lit. Being organized is not that difficult, it is all about staying on top of the work. Colour coding helps as well. Being on top of the work means not waiting until the last minute to work on it. As for colour coding, it just makes everything easier, by associating different things with different colours. Being organized shows dedication and a good work ethic. Getting organized can be a difficult process but once a person is organized, live is much easier. Organization has many benifits and is very much expected in Honours American Lit.
Honours American Lit has many expectations, and respect, good work habits, and organization are just a few of the main expectations of the course.

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